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City University of Applied Sciences Bremen

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Welcome to the Website of the eboLED project. "eboLED" is an abbreviation for

"Enhancement of Beam shaping Optical elements for LED hazard and security lighting".

The project is embedded in the research process of the City University of Applied Sciences in Bremen. On this website the project, its targets, results and partners are presented.


The luminous intenstity distribution of each and every LED is different. Thus, conventional secondary optics have to be designed for one special LED type. In the eboSHAPE subproject, the design and development of an LED independent secondary optic is targeted.

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The target of this subproject is the measurement of the topography and shape of molded optics and their mold inserts. Therefore a non-destructive, non-touching measurement technique is developed and evaluated.

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Since secondary optics for LEDs are only tested in combination, the source of errors and deviations form the expected liminous intensity distribution can't be found. Therefore, this subprojects targets on a component-level test for the secondary optics.

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Visit at LASER - World of Photonics in Munich / SPIE - Optical Metrology

25th June, 2019

Almost all of our team members visited one of the biggest Exhebition in the field of Optics and Laser: the LASER - World of Photonics in Munich, Germany. Meeting a lot of interessting companies and reasearch teams, new contacts have been created for further collaborations in our research work. Additionally, Tobias Binkele simultaneously presented the progress of his work at the conference SPIE - Optical Metrology.

Young Scientist Award for Tobias Binkele

20th March, 2019

Our team member Tobias Binkele presented his work to the judging audience of the Young Scientist Award at the HLEM conference of UPOB e.V. in Braunschweig. He reached the second place as announced at the winners ceremony. Source and copyright of the pictures: UPOB e.V.

Publication in the OSA - Continuum Journal

12th March, 2019

The paper "Functional concept for the source independent beam-shaping of LED light" by Mahmoud Essameldin has been published in the Journal "OSA - Continuum". In this paper the basic principle of his lens design is described. The link to the paper can be found at publications.

Collaborative publication at Photonics West 2019

31st January, 2019

At Photonics West 2019 in San Francisco, CA, USA our team will present results of the work performed in collaboration with the team of Rebecca Dylla-Spears from the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in Livermore, CA, USA. The work has been targeted on the measurement of gradient index lenses (GRIN) and their optical performances. The link to the paper can be found at publications.
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